GEN 1/ GEN 1.2/ GEN 2/ GEN 3 Speciality Boat lite Mounting Hardware - Rivet Crush Nuts (Set of 4) **NOW SUPPLIED WITH SECURITY BOLTS

$5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


Problems mounting the Boat lite we have a solution. These special nuts are used to attach a Boat Lite to a boat where access below the deck isn't available. To install you set the light where you need it to mount and make the four holes. Next you drill the holes with a metal bit. Then you push the nuts into the holes and crush with the bolt supplied. Finally you will set the light in the location desired and bolt down the light securely.  The package comes with the 4 supplied nuts needed for the boat lite to be mounted. These will work with the GEN 1/ GEN1.2/ GEN2 / GEN 3

Clean and easy

Written by RW on 10th May 2017

Worked just as described, make me not feel so bad drilling a hole in my boat. Very clean look when light is removed. I will defiantly recommend to others.

Unreal holding strength!

Written by undefined on 4th Feb 2016

I would recommend using a grade 8 bolt and jam nut for crushing the rivets and then use the supplied stainless bolts for securing the light. The stainless threads were just to soft when attempting to crush the rivet and actually damaged one of my rivets. I tapped the rivet and all was good!

Crush Nuts

Written by Trent on 26th Jan 2015

Works great. Great way to install boat light

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