The ***NEW*** GEN2 SLL Black Ops Boat lite

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Navigation Lights
Speciality Mounting Hardware/Rivet Crush Nut Add-on (required)
The Boat lite Wiring Harness (required)

The NEW GEN2 SLL Black Ops Boat lite with LINEX. This light is designed to be more compact, shine further, and twice as bright as the competitor's 11" models.  The GEN2 lights use the same swivel down design to protect and keep lens clean when traveling and hide from those warry ducks. The GEN2 lights are made using an all steel housing and all welded seems Here in our Shop. The GEN2 lights use special security bolts to prevent the light from being removed from the housing. Use the provided stainless carriage bolts to prevent the typical snatch and grab.  The GEN2 Lights have an external mounting plate for easy access and installation. Add-on our optional GEN2 Rivet Nuts to instal where you don't have access under your bow.  This light also has the option to have our SLL LED Navigation lights installed on the housing, thus eliminating the need for bulky flimsy poles from being installed every time you go for a ride.  The New GEN2 is a different light than the Original SLL BOAT LITE with WIDE and LINEX. The GEN2 is designed for more open lakes, rivers, or tributaries. If you mainly navigate small creeks, small rivers, or flooded timber the Original Boat lite is the light recommended for this style boating. Black OPS is only a cosmetic difference. It is not any different than the regular GEN 2 except for the color black on the lenses. 

Over 12,000 Theoretical Lumens

Optical grade Polycarbonate Lens

Specific designed lenses to project the necessary beam pattern

All Stainless components

All mounting hardware provided

Extremely low amp draw

All Steel housing

True LINE-X nonskid lifetime Coating

Available Navigation lights installed

Front bar welded on housing so limbs and brush will role off housing

Theft proof design

Swivel down design for LENS Protection and longevity

Our 10 watt XML-2 Diode shines 3 times further than the competitors 3 watt diode



Many days I've headed to the boat ramp, driving on muddy roads and in pouring raining. Each time we get to the launch the typical lights were covered with mud; so bad you couldn't see the light at all.  While all the other SLL Boat lite owners swiveled their lights up and the lenses were crystal clear.

Great product

Written by undefined on 21st Dec 2015

I've only used the light twice since purchasing and so far nothing but great.

Great light

Written by TJ on 17th Dec 2015

Got one hunt in with this light after purchasing a couple weeks ago. Hunt mostly in a medium sized river with some flooded timber and salt march on SC coast. It does exactly what it says it does. The construction is very solid. Great customer service as well. Had a wiring question and was answered promptly

great light with great customer service

Written by undefined on 3rd Nov 2015

great light with great customer service

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