Bowfishing Starter Pro Package

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Finally a all inclusive Bowfishing Package with everything needed to go Fishing as soon as you receive your package.  The Package can be seen onr VIDEOS on the home page. Package includes 4 Pro 80 WATT 27 Series Bowfishing lights. Plug in play harness to connect all four lights and connect to battery. All hardware needed to mount to any flat surface on a Boat. This system is Guaranteed to show you the fish better than any other setup on the market for this total wattage. The lenses in this setup are designed to concentrate light where you need it most, and combined with our 27 series color it will penetrate through the mud stained water better that others. Don't let this system full you that its a beginner light set up because its not. This package is perfect for the guy that has a duck boat but wants to go Bowfishing. Just in 5 mins you can have this light system on or off and be shooting fish. When this system is combined with a modern mud motor you are able to run them off your starting battery without ever needing to charge battery. Also this system is available in 12 or 24 volt options. with a 12 volt system you can expect 3-5 hours of run time and on 24 volt system you can  see 6-8 hours. ( depends on battery type, the better the battery the longer your run time can be expected)  ALL CONNECTIONS ARE WATERPROOF AND ALL HARDWARE ON LIGHTS AND MOUNTING IS 304 STAINLESS. 

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