Pro Multi-Color Trailer LED Light Kit

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$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Packages Includes:

~  Three 30" DND LED light bars (Switch between Green or White)

~  Wiring Materials and Switch

~  Mounting Hardware

~  Transformer

This system has been produced with years of testing and perfecting the Decoy Trailer setup. With Super Bright white light that blinded you on traditional trailer setup has been eliminated with the Ultimate Decoy Trailer Package.  Our DND series lights will produce a super bright Green LED light that will not blind your eyes or hinder your night vision. More importantly the Green light will keep from spoking the roosted or feeding birds nearby.  This has been tested directly next to fields with monster roost on them without spooking them on the feed field directly beside when setting up with the DND lights. More important customers wish at times they could use the bright White light to locate something or see color better, no worries with our system you can conveniently switch from BRIGHT GREEN LIGHT OR SUPER BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT.  Our System has both colors built in one light. Also our system comes with all mounting hardware, Plug and play wiring system and Transformer to run off a small generator or DC (Battery) if preferred. This system comes with everything needed to get you hunting when it arrives. Please contact us on any custom needs or questions you might need on your setup.





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