• Trolling motor LED Light Docking Southern lite LED

    This is an instalation video of our Bass Boat lite Ultra with our trolling motor mounting plate.

    Bass Boat Lite
  • Southern lite LED Bowfishing PRO 80 WATT 27 Series

    This is a quick video of about 30 mins of filming because the river was so muddy.

  • Southern lite led bowfishing lights

    This is a video promo for our new pro series bowfishing lights.

    Froggin' Hats
  • Polaris Defender ROOF RACK LED

    this is our new ultimate outdoorsman led roof rack. thsi rack has two colors it can illuminate.
  • Installing SLL LED Boat Light

    Shows you how to install a Southern lite LED Boat lite with our Rivet Crush Nuts.
  • Bass boat light and snake tube lights by southern lite led

    This video shows how effective our new bass boat light and snake tube lights can be.
  • 160 Watt Southern lite LED Bowfishing lights

    This is a video shot with After Hours Bowfishing. They are one of many great guides In LA that run the NEW SLL 160 watt Bowfishing lights.
  • Southern lite LED Roostertail lites

    This video shows our Roostertail lites on a outboard tiller handle. Also our Gen2 Boat lite with Nav lights installed.
  • All out carp video

    Brightest led bowfishing lights
  • Led bass boat light by southern lite led trolling motor

    Features or Bass Boat light install and night video and pictures on what you can expect. Please watch the end of video to view night footage.
  • Duck Mallards on Game camera Stealth cam

    This is video of why you should put a game camera on an elderberry tree in the flooded timber.