About Us

We would like to thank you for visiting Southern lite LED web page.

I am an avid hunter and fisherman and cherish GOD's great earth. I have the best wife and three sons who keep our life very entertaining. We love to get outdoors and enjoy all it has to offer.

When I decided to start Southern lite LED, I was running the Black River in North Arkansas. I watched a boat in front of me hit a dead head in the water, throwing the driver in the bottom of the boat. He lost control and almost harmed everyone in the boat. The very next year was another big eye opener as I watched a man, with two sons, hit the same dead head. He broke his motor and slammed into my boat. After both of these instances I realized the motor operator should have one hand holding on to the boat to prevent getting knocked down or thrown out. I quickly saw that running a motor with while using a spotlight was extremely dangerous and unsafe.

I begun to look for a solution to eliminate the need for holding and operating a spot light. I quickly realized halogen lights that were adequate but had many downsides. The halogen bulb gets hot quickly and the high amp draw drains any starting battery too fast making it necessary to have multiple batteries. Next, I moved to HID. They were extremely expensive, drew a lot of AMPS, had a short life span, and were fragile. Finally, I determined that it would have to be the latest in lighting technology, the LED. LEDs are shock resistant, have very long bulb life (50,000 Hr), have low amp draw, and are extremely bright. 

I started trying different LED products, similar to other products on the market. They just didn't provide the intensity or the correct beam to safely navigate the waters that i witnessed those experiences. After talking to many professionals in the waterfowl industry, we quickly learned other downfalls and what Southern lite LED need to do to produce the perfect boat light. 

After attending many shows in the outdoor industry, I learned that there was the same need for lighting with trucks, UTV, ATVs and electric buggies. We applied the research from the boat light and quickly began to provide these areas with the brightest and furthest shining LED light bars on the market. We now offer a full line of Led products that are tested to the extreme in the environment that they are intended for. If you try a SLL or talk to someone that has, you will quickly learn that Southern lite LED is constantly strive to offer you the best customer service and best products for your hunting and fishing needs. I trully belive that wether its going to the duck hole or the shooting house SLL keeps me and my three boys safer.

Thank You and GOD BLESS!

Nelson Rhyne