- Where do I need to install the relay? SLL recommends the relay be installed in a location protected from extreme elements and water.

- Does it matter if I hook to AC or DC? Yes, it is very important that you do not hook your lights to the incorrect powers source. Most of SLL LEDs are AC but there are some DC bowfishing LEDs and industrial LEDs. Please be sure to check product description and email SLL with any questions.

- I installed my SLL light and it will not come on? Please feel free to call or email SLL with any questions. Before calling you can try to trouble shoot by connecting your light directly to a battery (if it is DC). If the light comes on there maybe a problem with wire gauge, switch, relay, or improper grounding. ** DO NOT EVER DISASSEMBLE***

- How do I calculate amp draw for my SLL light? Assuming 13.4Vdc you can divide the total Wattage of your SLL LED by 13.4 to determine an average amp draw.