Knowledge Base

LED: ‘Light Emitting Diode’

Why LED: LEDs are highly energy efficient allowing for more light (lumens) with less energy (wattage) consumed. LEDs last longer; Southern lite LEDs have an average of 55,000 hour bulb life. Lifetime is not effected by frequent use and superior performance all weather conditions. LEDs offer instant on and off. LEDs are vibration (shockproof).

Lumen: a unite of luminous flux, which is the measure of total quantity of visible light through a solid angle from a source.

IP Rating: IP rating used to define the level of sealing effectiveness against water and dust.

  • IP - Ingress Protection
  • First Digit - Solid Protection
  • Second Digit - Liquids Protection
  • IP-67 : Dust tight and immersion up to 1 meter
  • IP-68 : Dust tight and continuous immersion beyond 1 meter