Pro 160 Watt LED Bowfishing Light

Pro 160 Watt LED Bowfishing Light

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Introducing the Southern lite LED 160-Watt LED Bowfishing light.  

Southern lite LED's state of the art chips combined with the high density, heat eliminating, aluminum housing with super efficiency drivers produces very low diode deterioration when compared to the old conventional square diodes. ALSO UNIQUE TO THE SOUTHERN LITE LED BOWFISHING LIGHTS IS OUR ABILITY TO MAKE OUR LIGHTS SUSTAIN THEIR BRIGHTNESS YEAR AFTER YEAR AND NOT LIKE OTHERS THAT THE DIODE DETERIORATION IS SO GREAT WITH OVERHEATING YOUR LIGHT MIGHT BE HALF THE BRIGHTNESS ON YOUR SECOND AND THIRD YEAR. This allows exceptional brightness for years to come. 

- Southern lite LED has changed the bowfishing market, with the Pro 160-WATT high performance LED bowfishing lights.

- Our Round Diode technology penetrates water twice as far as the old conventional square diode LEDs

 - Creates more Lumen output than the TWO dual 100-Watt square diodes LED lights - Same wattage twice the output

- These SLL lights are the only bowfishing lights engineered with a high-performance reflector to concentrate 100% of the available light exactly where you need it

    - The old conventional square diodes with no reflectors are very inefficient loosing 50% of your light to the sky.

- Pro 160-Watt high performance LED flood bowfishing lights are available in three colors

     - 27 Series (Perfect for murky/muddy waters), 65 Series (Perfect for clear waters), or Custom (one 27 Series diode and one 65 series diode)

            - Unique Matte Silver Housing.

- Drivers come mounted to back of each housing, but drivers can be moved to discrete location as needed

- High density aluminum housing dissipates heat better

- Please choose option 120/240 AC Volt and call for custom 24 DC Volt

- Please choose color: 27 Series, 65 Series, or Custom

- For large order please contact us for possible bulk discount (multiple boats 16 lights plus).



-- Southern lite LED's Limited Lifetime Warranty --

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  • 5
    Amazingly Bright

    Posted by Mike Plein on 2nd Apr 2023

    We used to have 50 watt bulbs and these fit right into our custom made brackets. Great product. Thank you again.

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    Better than HPS bulbs

    Posted by Michael on 19th Feb 2023

    I was originally skeptical about running LED lights. I had 8 400W HPS lights, so I started with 2 80W LEDs and was very impressed, so I took the dive and now have 8 160Ws and 2 80Ws running on battery 2x 24volt DC systems (175 Ah batteries) and I get about 4-5 hrs of silent sun light. So glad I made the switch with allowed me to go to battery.

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    Amazing lights

    Posted by Mike Plein - Dryfoot Outfitters on 20th Jul 2022

    We used to run old 50 watt lights and these fit in the same brackets as the 50s it was super easy swapping over. Great products!!!

  • 5

    Posted by KENNETH G on 26th Aug 2019



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    160W 27 Series

    Posted by Chris H on 7th Jun 2019

    A well built fixture with the right color light for bowfishing SE La waters. The fixture quality seems good and the staff is great. Light output and color are comparable to halogen fixtures.


    The cost is highly, but you get a quality fixture.

    The fixtures are heavy when compared to halogen fixtures. This is probably not an issue for larger boats or boats used only for bowfishing, but for smaller GT type boats with surface drive motors or if you lights or deck are easily removable the weight of these fixtures will likely make the deck not so easily removable.

    The wiring provided on the fixture could be a bit longer and since the fixture is specialized for bowfishing it would be great to see a solution that allows easy plug & play daisy chaining of fixtures built in to the fixture since these lights are often used side by side with multiple fixtures.

    That said i believe these are the best LED bowfishing lights on the market and I would recommend them to anyone looking for LED lights that can handle the weight.

    Southern lite Reply
    The weight is a result in high density Aluminum Housing which is a necessity for our Diode output and longevity. Exactly why cheaper lights aren't bright and don't last long.

  • 5
    Awesome LIGHTS

    Posted by LW Nixon on 29th Apr 2019

    I started off with the 80 watts several years ago and shot a lot of fish under them in stealth mode. When I wanted to add some more lights to the boat Southern had just came out with these 160 watt and they're great. I will say I went with the 24 volt setup since the beginning and didn't take but a night to figure out that all the 80 watts and a few of these 160 watts cut my night short, so I purchased a generator and invertor and pulled some batteries off the boat. They are awesome lights with an awesome staff that gives the customer service that I have a lot of appreciation for. Southern definitely has a happy return customer here!

  • 5

    Posted by Ignacio astorga on 15th Apr 2019

    Great product great for clear and murky water only light that will be on my boat from now on

  • 5
    Pro 160

    Posted by Tony on 4th Apr 2019

    Do not have them hooked up on my boat as of yet due to elevated hunt deck is still being welded together. I do know that these lights are made of extreme superior quality and are blinding. I couldn't wait to test the brightness so I hooked them up in my garage. I can not wait to get them on my boat and get the boat into the water. I will update this post as soon as I do! The only light better is the Pro 220 which has 3 diodes and is absolutely INSANE. I have also purchased 3.

  • 5
    Bow fishing

    Posted by Billy Catfish Parker on 12th Mar 2018

    I have waited to make the switch from HPS to Led.
    I haven't seen a LED light that performs as good as HPS until now. The PRO 160 by Southern Lite are a game changer this lightweight light is as good or better than all the HPS I have been using for years. Here's the kicker I'm using half the amperage and weight half as much so all in all it makes my bow fishing better than ever. Less generator power/ less total weight on my boat so now I'm quieter and able to scoot in skinny water like never before. Southern Lite has made my Bow Fishing better than ever.