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SLL Boat LED Wire Harness (Custom Built)

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The SLL Boat lite Wire Harness. We build this wireing harness to your exact boat specifications. Upon receiving  yout order you will be contacted to gain info on your specific boat dementions. Please have your Length widith and wiringing route planned before we call. Finally a Wiring Harness designed for a Duck boat to work specifically with a LED light. This wiring harness is designed for side console, center console or stern drive boats  up to 30 FOOT.  The unique harness uses an extra tough sheathing wire for extra durability and prevent accidental shorting or grounding. This wireing harness  is rated for 180 watt LED light. This harness is designed for any boat not exceeding 30 FOOT. It  comes with a waterproof DT connector that easily plugs into all SLL Boat lights. It comes with a marine grade switch, all wiring needed and terminals to connect everything without cutting or splicing anything. DO NOT use any other harness we sell for wiring a boat light , our SLL Boat lights.  DO NOT think any general wire harness will work for a boat they are designed for vehicles, not boats. 

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