DND Colored Hunting 30" LED Light Bar

DND Colored Hunting 30" LED Light Bar

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Our DND (Do Not Disturb) Led Light bar series.  This light bar is designed to provide the best of both worlds with bright white light to operate a UTV/Buggy at high speeds, and Green when you are ready to go stealth mode. The DND line of lights have been designed for hunters by hunters to give you what you need. Our Bars give you the choice of Bright White light and the option to switch to bright green with just a flick of a switch. The DND series use DC 10-30 Volts making connection in any situation a breeze.  DND LED Bars are waterproof, Dust-proof, and vibration resistant with are rating of IP67. Time to show up your friends with the new line of DND LED Lights from SLL.

Comes with wire Harness.

Dementions. 30 1/2"W3"H3.5"D

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